About Brooke

"Starting chapter 9 now, I cannot stop reading this. Amazing so far! I feel your anger and frustration in these words. I can't wait to know the rest of your story."


"I'm on chapter 2 and can't put it down. So powerful!"


"Just read the first chapter. Wow! I can't put it down! I feel like you were in my past relationship almost word for word with the love bombing! Can't wait to continue!"


Finished the book last night and I absolutely love it!!!! You are so incredibly courageous!! I will definitely be buying a hard copy. I hope you write more because you definitely have a knack for it! I seriously felt like I was having a conversation with one of my friends!


I stayed up all night to finish reading your book and it is truly amazing. So many emotions and tears! I have been following you for years. After reading your book realizing what you was going through the whole time you was making your older videos, it shows your strength and determination to survive. You are a strong woman.


Already read it all yesterday and I want to read it again and again! Ready for more. So relatable and I couldn't stop reading it.


Thank you for sharing your story! There are so many women that need to see that you can get out! You are a strong woman and I am so proud of you even though I don't personally know you.


I couldn't put this down. I admire your honesty in your story and to your children. And your strength to counter parent with him is something truly amazing. I found so many things in your story to be relatable. And I found myself looking at things and relationships differently after finishing your book. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Already recommending this to everyone I come across.


I read this book in one night! I couldn't put it down! I'm so happy that you found the strength to get out for yourself and your kids. You deserve true happiness!!